Cancellation Policy

January 17, 2019

Article 1. Definitions



Service provider: Snowball Management, based in Copenhagen.



Client: (legal) person who purchases services from Snowball Management. The client, if applicable, in addition to this, is also understood to mean his representative, authorized representative and legal successors.



Service: an agreement whereby Snowball Management provides services in return for payment of a fee by the client in the context of the client's well-being.



Article 2. Applicability



a. On all agreements between Snowball Management on the one hand and the client on the other hand, these Terms and Conditions exclusively apply to the express exclusion of other general terms and conditions.



b. Acceptance of an agreement means that the client has accepted the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions and waives the applicability of any general terms and conditions of the client.



Article 3. Deviations from the General Terms and Conditions



a. Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions will only be valid if confirmed in writing by the service provider.



b. In the event that one or more provisions of this General Agreement are deviated from, the other provisions will remain in full force.



c. If Snowball Management permits deviations from these General Terms and Conditions at any point and / or part for a shorter or longer period of time, this does not affect the right of service provider to direct and strict compliance with the General Terms and Conditions for the future. Even if the service provider has not applied one or more stipulations from these conditions for a period of time, the client concerned can not derive any rights for the future.



Article 4. Scope of service



a. The service that Snowball Management will provide to the client includes the provision of services as agreed orally.



b. In the event of illness, leave or other reasons of foreclosure to deliver the services mentioned in the agreement, the booked hours or fee will of course not be taken into account.



c. The events organized by Snowball Management make no diagnosis and any form of advice or therapy or coaching or training or course or workshop is in any way a replacement for the care of the regular health care and / or doctor (s).



Article 5. Cancellation



a. In the case of an agreed consultation or one-on-one treatment or therapy or coaching, in the event of cancellation that takes place up to 48 hours before this appointment takes place, this can be done WITHOUT costs. If cancellation takes place within 48 hours before the appointment made, 100% of the costs will be charged.



b. Canceling a course, workshop, course, retreat or other group activity can take place up to 30 days before the activity, free of charge. In case of cancellation between the 30th and the 10th day for an activity, 50% of the costs will be charged. In case of cancellation between the 10th day and 48 hours before the activity takes place 75% of the costs will be charged. After this 100% of the activity will be charged. In some cases, however, the client is given the opportunity to have a substitute / star participate in the activity. This in good and fair consultation with the service provider.



c. If cancellation does not take place or is done too late, Snowball Management is entitled to charge the relevant service (s), without prejudice to its right to payment of the costs incurred by it.



Article 6. Client Responsibilities



a. In the case of an agreed consultation or one-on-one treatment by one of our coaches or therapists, the client undertakes, through an intake form or intake interview, to provide relevant information to the service provider and to do this truthfully.



b. Client is obliged not to use alcohol, drugs or other narcotics at least 24 hours before the planned activity.



c. In the event of default by the client, the service provider has the right to deny access to the activity.



d. Client is at all times responsible for following activities or treatments organized by service provider.



e. In the event of any damage, tangible or intangible, the service provider can not be held responsible in any way.



Article 7. Rates



The services will be delivered at the rates agreed or stated on the website. This according to the assessment of the service provider.



Article 8. Payment of interest and collection costs



a. Payment must be made without any deduction or settlement, within the payment term of 8 days after the invoice date. In the absence of payment within the aforementioned period, the client is legally in default, from which time claim is made at 1.5% interest per month, from the due date until the day of full payment. In that case, compensation is also claimed for extrajudicial collection costs of at least 15% of the principal sum due including interest, with a minimum of € 75.00. If the client does not act in the exercise of a profession or business, claim collection costs will be claimed on the grounds of the 'Decision Reimbursement for extrajudicial collection costs', as referred to in paragraph 4 of article 6:96 BW.



b. There is no possibility to reclaim the amount (s) paid.



Article 9. Liability



a. The Client uses the services of Snowball Management voluntarily. Neither Snowball Management nor the owner, nor coaches and therapists appointed by him, can be held liable vis-à-vis the Client for any damage whatsoever, including those from participation in the activities organized by service provider and / or treatments and / or making use of the services provider's facilities. b. Service Provider is not liable for the non-fulfillment, late or incomplete fulfillment of its obligations as a result of shortcomings that can not be attributed to the service provider. c. Service provider is not liable for failing a treatment or therapeutic procedure.



Article 10.



Complaints Complaints can be submitted in writing and registered within two weeks after the service and will be processed by the service provider in all fairness and fairness.



Article 11.



Disputes Contracts between the service provider and client to which these general terms and conditions apply are subject to Denish law only.



Article 12.



Confidentiality Service Provider will observe confidentiality with regard to the information provided by the Client. However, inspection by the competent authorities gives access to files. Where possible, personal details of the client are anonimised where possible.



Article 13.



Amendment clause Service Provider reserves the right at all times to change the general terms and conditions unilaterally if he has a weighty interest. This according to standards of reasonableness and fairness.






We take great care in compiling this website. By gaining access to this website, as well as the material and information contained therein, the user declares to have taken note of the following conditions, to understand them, to agree with them and to be bound by them. The user is responsible for choices he makes on the basis of the information on the website and for the use of that information. The user can not derive any rights from the information on the website. This website serves general information and can be changed without prior permission or announcement.



Intellectual property



The content of this website, including texts, photographs, illustrations, graphic material, (trade) names and logos are protected by copyright, trademark law and / or any other intellectual property right. All property rights vest with us or our licensor (s). The information on this website may only be used by the user himself. In accordance with these rights, the user is legally not permitted to transfer, reproduce, edit or distribute this information without the prior written consent of the holder (s) of the ownership right.



Linked internet websites



The user is informed that information on websites linked to or referred to is not examined or analyzed by us. We bear no responsibility for the information and / or content of any internet websites that are linked to this website. A link to another website is intended solely for the convenience of the user. Obtaining access to and using other internet websites linked to this website takes place at your own risk; We do not accept any obligation or liability in this respect. We reserve the right to change or remove any link or information on this website at any time.



No liability



We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this website, but can not guarantee that the information available is complete or correct. Neither can we, although we will endeavor to have this website permanently available, accept any liability for any consequences of the unavailability of the website. We expressly point out to the user that certain information comes from external sources. We explicitly reject any liability arising from non-compliance with an agreement, tort, strict liability or any other legal basis, for all direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, additional and special damages, as well as for damage resulting in any way from or related to the access to and use of this website, regardless of whether they were aware of the possibility (until the occurrence) of such damage.






Below we summarize the main facts of the new privacy law for Snowball Management: Snowball Management is completely transparent about what information we use from you. Snowball Management can process the following personal data:



Your first and last name 
Your company name 
Your address 
Your phone number 
Your e-mail address



Snowball Management processes your personal data after you have provided it yourself by telephone or by e-mail. This is to contact you by telephone if you request and / or to be able to contact you by e-mail in writing. This in the context of issuing coaching and / or advice or issuing a quotation. Furthermore, only during the treatment of the question. The PCs and mobile phones of the coaches and therapists are protected with a password.



Snowball Management does not store your personal data longer than is strictly necessary to realize the purposes for which your data is collected.


Snowball Management never shares your information with other parties. You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You can send a request for access, correction or deletion via the form that you can find at this website.


Snowball Management will respond to your request as soon as possible, but no later than within two weeks. Your personal information is well protected by Matthias Arentsen Coaching.






When you use this website , small files known as cookies are inserted into your device to collect information about your online activity and how you browse its pages mainly to remember what you've already seen so you're not shown it again. I also use cookie data to update and improve user experience but this will never be used to identify you or to collect or store your personal data. I never share your information with any third party organization.

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