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January 17, 2019

Participating in WOMEN PIONEERING OR EVI'S WORKSHOPS is a serious commitment: it’s allowing you to open yourself vulnerable and emotionally.  This participation can bring you new challenges and awareness about your heart and Source connection and your sexual energy as life force motor. This requires a clear framework, well understood and respected by everyone, which makes it possible to establish trust and security, which is necessary in this program.

This framework consists of conditions including the following basic lines.

You agree to be fully present in any workshop to which you are registered, except in cases of extreme urgency.


You agree to be guided by the facilitator. You are asked to openly share your resistance, your doubts and your desires. Theoretical support is provided in each workshop and you are encouraged to bring your questions. You are never forced to do anything. You remain attentive to your ability to freely choose in each situation and you act accordingly.


You understand and you are assured that what you reveal in the workshop remains strictly confidential. Nevertheless we reserve the right to discuss with colleagues or with a supervisor specific points. You are asked not to talk about what is going on in the workshops with anyone who is not directly involved in this workshop so that a safe and professional environment is provided to all.


You take full responsibility for your involvement in the exercises and assume your personal responsibility for the best protection of other members of the group and yourself.

You take full responsibility for your actions and do not hold the attendants liable for any damage caused by your actions.


Updated on 27/01/2019

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